No matter the application, it is essential to know you can rely on your components. Drew & Co. are proud to offer in-house design and fabrication of components, pipework and structural steelwork. Our team of coded welders also ensure that on and off-site connections and installation are up to the highest quality standards. 

In-house fabrication provides multiple benefits to both us and our clients. By cutting out a third party, we save time and remove an unnecessary layer of complexity while keeping full quality control of the materials and manufacturing processes. Keeping manufacturing in our own Plymouth workshops also reduces the risk of delays and disruptions to a project’s timeline. 

We reduce the costs that ultimately would be passed on to our clients – we don’t pay markups on third-party labour, and we can keep material waste to a minimum. Finally, our own workshops allow us to offer truly bespoke solutions to clients who need more than one-size-fits-all. 

Drew & Co. provide both standalone fabrication services or services as part of larger projects involving any number of our other services (electrical, compressors, mechanical, etc.). 

Our manufacturing services include:

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