National Trust Partnership

Commerical / Industrial

Key Results

15 years of National Trust Partnership

Entrusted with 6 landmark heritage properties to work on

Over 1 million pounds worth of work completed


About the National Trust

Established over 125 years ago The National Trust has grown to become Europe’s largest conservation charity caring for historic properties and areas of beautiful countryside for everyone, forever.

The National Trust looks after one of the world’s largest and significant holdings of fine art and heritage objects. Protection and preservation are at the heart of conservation, keeping Britain’s heritage in pristine conditions for future generations. Caring for hundreds of historic houses and gardens requires constant effort and skilled workmanship. 


Preserving historical character while upholding modern standards

Heritage buildings are not only monuments to our history, but are increasingly public-facing establishments and places of work. The National Trust must balance the challenges of preserving a historic building as much as possible with meeting modern standards. 

This can include the basic installation of electrical systems in buildings that were never designed to accommodate them, as well as preserving early fittings of historical interest. As visitor attractions, National Trust properties must also meet stringent regulations around fire safety, emergency lighting and security features. Each improvement and new installation must not compromise the historical character of the building. 

Why Drew & Co?

Dedication to National Trust core values
Installation and maintenance in historical buildings demands extra consideration for even the simplest tasks. Rules of thumb and best practices are built upon over years and decades, and with so many properties to look after, the National Trust needs a contractor they can trust to uphold its core values.

Years of learning from conservation experts
Our dedicated installation and maintenance teams have gained invaluable knowledge from the conservation experts at the Trust, incorporating this knowledge into our way of working. Drew and Co have worked with the Trust to develop these essential skills and they are transferable to any works requiring the highest levels of care.

With each new project the Trust entrusts to us, they can rest assured that they don’t have to waste time retracing the basics and that the works will be completed to the very highest standard.

The Solution

Drew and Co have been a partner to the National Trust in delivering essential projects in some of the South West’s most important properties for over 15 years. This includes 24/7 reactive calls, planned maintenance, incorporating new safety and electrical installations into graded listed buildings and more.

One major project was a complete rewiring of power and lighting circuits of Saltram House. This involved careful removal of floor coverings and lifting of floorboards throughout the property. Drew and Co. complete the rewiring using high integrity cable to maximise resistance to fire, external influences and vermin. The completed installation has an expected design life of 60 years, compared to 25 for a standard electrical installation.

Another ambitious collaboration took place so the National Trust could restore the hydroelectric turbine which formerly provided power to parts of Castle Drogo. Drew and Co. carried out a portion of the electrical works associated with the watertight project, as well as the off-grid hydroelectric installation. The electricity from the restored turbine is used by the property and any excess is used to heat one of the boilers in the biomass house so there is no waste.

We carry out works regularly at some of the Trusts most valuable assets including;
Antony House
Buckland Abbey
Castle Drogo
Saltram House
Lydford Gorge
Cotehele House
Finch Foundry